Petname: Majken
Born: 8 April 1988 - 1995
Reg Number: S37648/88
Breed/Colour: Cockerspaniel, Black
Hips: -
Optigen prcd-PRA: -
Breeder: Lillemor Böös
Show qualified for Swedish Champion title, but no hunting merits.


Majken moved home to us from Lillemor Böös, kennel Greentree, when we was two years old. She had 2 CC's since before and got her last CC (we still needed the hunting test for the champion title then) soon after moving to us. Unfortunately nearly as quick she got cervical inflammation and after that the coat never was the same. She was often, dispite that, placed highly in the best bitch classes, but nearly always with the comment: "If she had been in a little better coat condition..." That was right of course, but it was still hard to hear because I had worked SO hard with the coat to get it look as nice as possible. But the shiny, moderate coat was a thing of the past.

At the Swedish Spaniel- & Retriever Club show in Norrköping she won BOB, surely because of her lovely movement. We decided to finish her show career with that show and later on  moved her to the home of my parents in law who then lived in the country. There she was able to live a luxurious life and could mostly avoid travelling in the car - something she hated. As much as she loved food and ate EVERYTHING, she hated to travel with the car and never got used to it. Only one time in her life she happily & willingly came with me to the car and even jumped in to it very quick - that was when I got her home from the animal hospital after the operation.


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