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I try to keep  my English version at the News page updated as well as The Swedish one. But I will warn you... I am better in Swedish than English...:), and you will always find more to read in the Swedish version! All of the news text is not linked yet after the transfer, it will be arranged soon!

29 October

Some time has passed again, but now with a valid reason! Lotta & I have been away at a small holiday to Germany, Thursday - Monday. We have been visiting Monika Bollinger, kennel vom Schloss Hellenstein, and to her also our friend Kirstin Söntgerath-Friedrich, kennel Mixed Pickles, came. We really have had some great days! A lots of dogs of course - and dog talk! But also other talk, shopping and some other things. A lot of photos were taken - my camera had more than 1000 pictures at the memory card when I came home.. :o A photo report is planned, but WHEN is the big question of course! Where are of course many photos to throw away, but rather many pictures will probably be left anyway...

We did also some trimming. Normally it maybe isn't the most funny thing to do, even if I think it is ok. This was however fun! We had the honour to trim the son and daughter by Ior who Moni has kept from her litter. They are now 8 months old and havn't been trimmed before... HOW exciting to see what was under there coats! And great that we really liked what we found under their coats! Here is one of the pictures of One Man Show vom Schloss Hellenstein. His littersister Olga can right now be seen "Halloween"-styled at the start page!

One Man Show vom Schloss Hellenstein, 8 months - after his first trimming

While we were away SSRK had a show in Mjölby with Jostein Halvorsen, kennel Bomway, judged our breed. Vincent had one offspring at the show, and she did great! "Simone" Westerner High Line won BOB-puppy with a lot of superlatives from the breed judge. Congratulations! In the final later on was she BIS-4 under Christina Daniels.

Vincents daughter "Simone" Westerner High Line (to the right) won BOB-puppy at the SSRK show in Mjölby
BIM was Flashdance Forever Young

Vincents latest litter at kennel Support our now two weeks old - new picture can be seen here.

21 October

New photo of Vincent's daughter Lilly, see here.

20 October

New photos of Vincent and Love's puppies can be seen here.

Vincent's litter pages can now be found in English, see here.

19 October

New photos of Vincent and Blända's puppies can be seen here.

17 October

Must try and to update of my own... ;) We will see if Angelica will scream of fear or not, maybe I do something really strange! Well, I have updated my former website in many years, but with a new website it is of course some new things to think about.

Anders & I have been to Stockholm (Friday-Saturday) for a little "mini-weekend". We have had a really good time with some shopping, restaurant visits and a musical about Buddy Holly yesterday evening.

I have to update with Vincent and his latest wife "Blända's" (Manaca's Dress Designer) surprise! The litter was born this Tuesday, and in that litter a liver roan was born! :) We did know that there was a chance that both of them could produce the colour, but didn't know. It was totally eight puppies. Three males - one blue roan, one orange roan and one liver roan - and five bitches - two blue roan, three orange roan! It will be very interesting to follow this litter at kennel Support. You can see more about the litter here!

Blända and Vincent's three sons in three different colours

I have met Vincent's daughter Agnes, Westerner Make Peace. Here you can see some pictures of her!

We have also - thanks! - got new pictures from Holland of Vincent's daughter Bluebell, Westerner Fair'n Square and Vincent's son Rythm, Westerner Fair Wind. Pictures of them can be seen here and here.

14 October

At last - the new website is ready! It has taken a long time as it is such a big site, poor Angelica has had a hard work doing everything. She should have a big thanks for all time she patiently has worked with, and of course as she has done it so great looking! I am very pleased, and hope you will like it too!

I want to take the chance to thank my former webbmaster, Rose-Marie Halse, RmHData. She did my earlier website, nearly ten years ago (!), and I have been very pleased with it, and still are, but it is always fun with a bit of renewal after so many years. Would also like to take the opportunity to thank her for her patient with learn me to update myself, something I really like. Plus that she under these years has been one of my closest friends, even we only have met once!

There will always be a little more to find at the Swedish version, and so far the gallery for example are only in Swedish. But in a Gallery it is the pictures which are most important so I hope you will have a look anyway!

My dogs offspring pages are also so far only in Swedish, this is something I will update myself as soon as I got time... but I guess and hope that they are more or less understandable anyway.

I also hope you will forgive any linguistic errors, but would here like to thank Joy Hill in  Australia who has helped me with some proofreading at the the dogs sites.

Please excuse that some pages not are working yet, and that some of the photos are "crashed". We hope it will be resolved very soon!

27 September

Yesterday the Cocker Spaniel Club in Uppsala had their show in Jälla there they not only invites cockers, all breeds are welcome. I wasn't there, but some in the family was! Judge for the cockers and the others in group 8 was Moa Persson.

Vincent's five old son "Trubbel" had a great day! He was not only BOB-puppy (beat also the puppies 6-9 months), he won also the group! Congratulations to his owners Gunilla & Malin! And a kiss to Trubbel from us! :)
BOS-puppy was by the way a grandchild to Findus, Swedich Tracking Ch Tolinka Figo's son Fyrstjärnans Happy.

Photos: Stina Yron-Lund

One of the older in the family did well too! Frisco's daughter "Alice" Swedish Tracking Champion Stora Barnviks Dona Alicia won BOB-veteran, fifth best bitch and Best In Show-2 veteran. Congratulations!

Foton:  Stina Yron-Lund

26 September

Time flies! Last weekend it was the Cocker Club's Club Show in Kolmården. The show is held in very beautiful surroundings, but unfortunately the floor is very slippery and it is also very dark, very difficult to see the black dogs... The judge must have seen light blue Vincent, but that didn't help... ;) I would say that it was more dark in the top! Well, that's life, the last show in youth class was the only time in junior/youth class when he wasn't placed at all. Next time it will be open class, but that will take some time, we have a break now!

Vincent in the ring, photo taken of Angelica Mansfield - thanks!

His children did better, and we are proud over that. None of them won, but they did really well. Of seven puppies in puppy class II (6-9 months) they were placed as second, third and fouth! All with honour prize! It was "Simone" Westerner High Line who was second, "Wilda" Westerner Make It Happen third and "Ebba" Westerner Cross The Line fourth. Also "Scott" Westerner Make Me Smile was at the show. He had been lame last week, and I guess he could have moved better, but was anyway third with honour prize.

We took photos of the dogs afterwards, thanks Angelica for all your help, and we when also took this family picture:

From the left: "Ebba" Westerner Cross The Line, "Simone" Westerner High Line, daddy Vincent, "Wilda" Westerner Make It Happen & "Scott" Westerner Make Me Smile. And me of course, trying to have them to sit neatly, not the easiest thing even if maybe look like that at THIS picture....

We took new pictures of them individually too.
New pictures of Simone can be seen here.
New pictures of Ebba can be seen here.
New pictures of Scott can be seen here.
New head photo of Wilda can be seen here.

The same weekend Vincent's son "Mans" Westerner Make Higher made his debute in high style... ;) He won BOB and Best In Show puppy at an International show in Beauvuais! Breed judge was Evelyne Dumand, France and Best In Show judge was Mrs an Brempt from Belgium. Congratulations! We hope to get photos of Mans later!

Even Vincent's daughter "Lowa" Westerner Lifeline was at a show this weekend. It was a puppy show in Lund with 12 cocker puppies. Lowa won BOB and BIG-3! Congratulations! New photo of Lowa can be seen here!

This Wednesday we had a long awaited visit. It was Frost who came and visit us for the first time since he moved to his new family right before Christmas. Oh, it was just lovely to meet him again - and also Brittan, Anita and Anita's cocker girls of course.) We met at the parking and I brought Findus out. First Frost didn't understand it was me, but when I sat down he started to sniffing at me, faster and faster, and became very happy when he understood who I was! And me too! :) It was lovely to have you here and thanks a lot for the lovely lunch you brought! And it was just wonderful to meet - and kiss! - Frost again! - it was een fun to trim him! You could really see that is is very fond of Brittan, and I am so grateful that they love each other so much! But I am also happy and pleased to see that he still likes me a lot too...;) it is good for the confidence! :)

Ylwa was visiting shortly too with Frost's daughter Dimma and Vincent's daughter Wilda too, and we had of course to take a family picture!

From the left: Dimma, Wilda - who in some way is related to EVERYONE in the picture! :), Findus, Vincent, Wilmer, Alice, Saga & Frost

Anita, Frost, Brittan & Ylwa

17 September

After a eventful weekend we have much to report about and we will see if I will remember everything... :o

Saturday Adam had his birthday party at a place called Strike = bowling party. We had a nice visit from Eva Gilljam this Friday when she was passing. I mentioned both my coming birthday this weekend AND the bowling party, Eva thought for awhile that I was going to have bowling party... :) And of course, what should she think? But that wasn't like that, instead it was Adam and nine of his friends who had this party and they really enjoyed it!

The same day the Cocker Spaniel Club's championship for Tracking dogs were held in Uppsala. 13 dogs was qualified and my males had a couple of offspring in the competition. Best of them this day was Frost's son "Nimbus" Swedish Tracking Champion Tolinka Semifreddo who won the silver medal! Congratulations! Ior's daughter "Celine" Swedish Tracking Champion Westerner Love On Time was fifth and Findus' son "Pettson" Tans & Tins King of Orchids came at ninth place. All 13 dogs got first prizes.

Agneta & Nimbus with all the prizes they got after winning the silver medal

The same day The Swedish Kennel Club had a show in Sofiero. Many puppies were entered, I don't know the total numbers, but six of them who was there were puppy bitches and among them Vincent's daughter "Lova" Westerner Lifeline won! :) She was lateron BOS, congratulations! New photos of her here

Lowa seems to have inherited some dance talent from daddy Vincent!
Thanks Angelica for the picture!

Just like last year I celebrated my birthday at SSRK's show in Dingtuna and exactly like last year it was both cold and windy. But I think it was even colder last year, or if I just think so as I had such a terrible cold last year? This year I also handled more dogs than last year - five total - which made you keep the warmth a bit better.

A little report about Dingtuna is planned, but so far it will only some photos here and some new photos of Vincent's offspring at their pages. It was all together four of Vincent's offspring at the show! In puppy class I, 4-6 months there were two debutants by Vincent and both did very well! Not at least "Agnes" Westerner Events of Make Believe who showed as she never had done anything else in her life before. She was SO good and I think it was more than me who fell a bit in love... :) At least it sounded like that when you heard people around! New pictures of Agnes can be seen here!

Agnes won BOB and later on in the final Best In Show puppy! Congratulations Agnes and Kristina, and thanks for letting me handling her! Agnes' litter sister "Wilda" Westerner Make It Happen was also handled by me individually and was second behind Agnes with honour prize. New photo of her here! Vincent's son "Trubbel" Geltman's Run For The Roses won BOS-puppy! New pictures of him here.

Agnes Best In Show puppy at the spaniel- and retriever show in Dingtuna!
Photo: Stina Yron Lund

In puppy class II, 6-9 monts, was Vincent's daughter "Ebba" Westerner Cross The Line second with honour prize. A new picture of here can be seen here.

Me together with Vincent and three of his daughters
From the left "Wilda" Westerner Make It Happen, "Agnes" Westerner Events of Make Believe, Vincent and "Ebba" Westerner Cross The Line

Vincent himself was second in the youth class (15-24 months) with CC-quality  and ended as fifth best dog.

Vincent in the ring, photo Marita - thanks!

Two of Frost's son was at the show and both did very well. They had first a hard competition in the open class there they ended as number one and second. The winner of the class was "Fly" Swedish Tracking Ch Dualdigni's Kite Flying who ended up as third best dog. "Nimbus" Swedish Tracking Champion Tolinka Semifreddo was second in the class with CC-quality and ended up as "sixth best dog".

The same day Findus' son "Enzo" Westerner Named Shadow, living at kennel Iskama in Denmark, in Germany at a show. He got his ninth CC in Germany and will be able to title himself as German Champion but also Swedish Show Champion! Congratulations!

This Tuesday I have a very nice visit to Uppsala, or a bit outside Uppsala to be correct. I first visited Cissi at kennel Black Mica's, who right now has puppies by Vincent. Marita (Kennel Blue Cheyenne) was one of the visitors there and we went home to her afterwards.

Cissi got a kiss from Klara! :)

I want to thanks for a lovely day with a delicious lunch at Cissi and a really tasty blue berry pie at Marita's place. To that lovely puppies of course... :) Also Marita had a litter, and they are grand children to Findus (they too!).
Photos of Cissi's puppies (or maybe Ida's?) can be seen here!

Three generations
Findus, his daughter Shakima's Cheyenne and her daughter Blue Cheyenne's Look At Me Now
Photo: Marita Hydling

I think MAYBE this was all... :o Well, Vincent's daughter "Vicki" Westerner Fairy Dance has visited us today, but these pictures havn't been "done" yet, so they have to wait a couple of days. They will probably be presented here at the same time as the ones of her sister and brother in Holland who I got photos of today...

5 September

Findus son "Tyson" Coppers Troll The Dice, living in Estonia has been to Russia for an international dog show in Nogorod 23th August. The result was CW, CAC, CACIB & BOS. Judge was Yuriy Gergel from Ukraine. Congratulations!

30 August

We congratulate Frost's daughter "Joice" Tolinka Focaccia who today became Swedish Tracking Champion! Good work, Joice & Ankie!

26 August

This weekend it was show time again. Saturday SSRK had a show in Södertälje, but we were not there. It was Adam's 7th birthday and I don't think he had appreciated if I had been away at a dog show at his birthday! On MY birthday I plan to go to a dogshow, but that day I can decide myself, can't I?

Two of Vincent's daughters was at the show in Södertälje, Duncan Craig judged in rain...

"Wilda" och "Ebba" in the ring
Thanks Stina for the pictures!

"Wilda" Westerner Make It Happen was this time fourth in the class with honour prize (4-6 months). New photos of Wilda can be seen here! "Ebba" Westerner Cross The Line who now is in puppy class 6-9 months won first BOB-puppy and later on Best In Show-3 puppy! Congratulations!

Sunday it was time for Kennel Club Show in Vallentuna, Monica and I went there together. We had a very nice and funny day, and it was great to again has Lotta as company at a show! It was not yesteday... :o Christina Daniels judged the adults, and we didn't have a real gret day in the showring, but the sun was shining and the company was nice, so we had a good day anyway.

Vincent who is spoiled with getting CC-quality this time "only" got honour prize. He was fourth in a very strong youth class.

Vincent in Vallentuna

I handled also Frost's son "Nimbus" Swedish Tracking Champion Tolinka Semifreddo who did us a bit happier by winning the open class with CC-quality.

Nimbus winning the open class with CC-quality

Ebba was the one pleasing us again! The puppies were judged by Ewa Nielsen and Ebba won the BOB once again! :) In the final she wasn't placed, but it isn't easy to be placed as a 6 months old cocker puppy in a final ring with ALL breeds at the same time. New photos of Ebba can be seen here!

"Grandma" (=me!) got a kiss by Ebba when we came home to Västerås again

We also have to tell that Findus' son Westerner Illusion In Magic this weekend became Finnish Tracking Champion. Congratulations Robin & Maarit!

21 August

Ooops, have not been so good at updating... But the holiday is over and less time for these things. This Monday Adam started school - first class! And tomorrow is it is seventh birthday! :) Congratulations, Adam!

Adam (to the right) together with his friend Hugo a windy day in July

If we start talking about dogs instead Vincent has had a nice visit, "Blända" Manaca's Dress Designer from kennel Support was here. Now we cross our fingers for puppies in October, see more here.

We have also been to our first show since the two months long break. The "come back" was at the Kennel Club International Show in Norrköping where I had my whole family with me - not that common! Maby not because they longed for following me to a show, we were going to visit Ander's sister after the show.

Vincent was entered, altogether 66 cockers and judge was Douglas Sidebottom from Australia. In the youth class (10 entries) he ended as second with CC-quality.

In the best dog class he was third with Res-CACIB!

Douglas Sidebottom with his five best males.

From the left: Ch Atamaca's Zougin, Charbonnel Manaca's Design, High Style vom Schloss Hellenstein, Maxi Mates Overlord and Keonomis Fletching Road (great grandson to Findus).

6 August

We got more reasons for being proud this weekend!

Findus son "Ior" Swed Sh Ch Westerner Time Keeper became this weekend also German Klub Champion! We are of course very proud and congratulate Monika Bollinger, kennel vom Schloss Hellenstein. 

Ior with a new title - now also German Club Champion

1 August

Now have I and the "daddies" all reasons to be proud again... :)

At the Cocker Spaniel Club show in Söderköping two of Vincent's puppies were entered, both at their very first show and both also grandchildren to Findus. Nine puppies were entered in 4-6 months and "Simone" Westerner High Line won Best In Show-puppy! Congratulations to Gerd and Simone! A new picture of Simone can be seen here. "Scott" was second with honour prize in his class. A new photo of him can be seen here.

Simone's critique: Very pretty. Dark eye. Good bite. Good front. Good shoulder. Very well ribbed. Nice and short. Well balanced puppy. Nice free action in movement.

The judge Shue Shinkfield, kennel Notrella, with her Best In Show-puppy, Westerner High Line (daughter of Vincent) and the Best In Show-reserve Shakima's Lose Control
Photo: Madeleine Ivarsson

It has today alwo been a tracking competion for members in three different Cocker Clubs and again the "family" has done very well. It was a record this year in entering with 6 in predisposition class, 11 in open class and 16 in champion class. That resulted in three medalists for the family, one in each class!

From the left:
Bronze medalist in predisposition class, Findus daughter "Elsa" Dancing Feet's Walzing Lady with owner Annika Varbäck
Silver medalist in open class, Frost's daughter "Joyce" Tolinka Focaccia with owner Ankie Gustavsson
Bronze medalist in champion class, Ior's daughter "Celine" Swedish Tracking Champion Westerner Love On Time with owner Stina Yron Lund

Congratulations to you all - and thanks Stina for the pictures!

31 July

We are now home again after a bit more than two weeks in Mollösund at the Swedish Westcoast. Lovely, lazy days, both with "only" the family and also with friends visiting.

Some relatives as only been to shows when we have been away. 19 July the Kennel Club had International show in Köping. Judge was Reija Leikola Walden from Finland. Among 54 adults Frost's son "Fly" Swedish Tracking Ch Dualdigni's Kite Flying won the open class with CC-quality (just like last year) and ended up as third best dog. Only one placement from the CC and champion title... We hope he will get it next time instead!!! His litter brother "Diesel" Swed Sh Ch Swedish Tracking Champion Dualdigni's Keep The Stage came second in the champion class and ended up has fifth best dog.

Fly show his movement in Köping
Photo: Marie-Therese Hedström

A new standing photo of him can be seen here.

Findus daughter "Spöka" Westerner Ghost Story was second with CC-quality in open class.

The weekend after it was time for SSRK's show in Högbo and when also time for two of Vincent's daughter (and Findus grandchildren!) "Ebba" Westerner Cross The Line and "Wilda" Westerner Make It Happen to make their debute at an official show - even if the puppy class is unofficial. Anne Buvik from Norway judged. There was only the two sisters in the class, BUT the judge was very fond of them both.

"Ebba" at the table
Photo: Manuela Hartman Johansson

"Wilda" at the table
Photo: Manuela Hartman Johansson

It was difficult for the judge to separate them but finally Wilda won BOB-puppy, but both of them got "of course" honour prize. In the final later that day Wilda won Best In Show-3 puppy among eight puppies for Marianne Skött Jespersen from Denmark. What a splendid debute!

Photos: Stina Yron-Lund

Millions of thanks to Manuela and Stina for all the pictures from the show! Much appreciated!

9 July

Today is is exactly one year since we arrived to Monika in Kolben at kennel vom Schloss Hellenstein. Became a bit nostalgic and looked at the pictures. Here is a photo of Lotta and me when we tried to find Heidi and Vincent's under their puppy coats! ;)

How exciting wasn't it to see when the puppy coats were going to disappear (they were going to be 8 months only a couple of days later) to see what was under the puppy coat?

How has we been celebrating that today? Wilmer has celebrated with some sweets, Vincent, he is away on a love holiday in Fellingsbro :), and has tonight celebrate with having a date with Ior's (isn't that really suitable as Ior is in Kolben now?) daughter "Vivan" Westerner Ring of Sapphire, now we are hoping for puppies in September!

6 July

Tomorrow is it one year since Lotta, Phil, Anders & I started our trip to Germany to pick up our dogs - and I have still not made the photo reportage from our trip... :o). Time flies! The dog who wasn't planned, Vincent, has been trimmed and bathed today. You have to do it even if you not are going to a show... A new picture can be seen here. Tomorrow I am going to Inger at kennel Westerner to take photos of his and Flingan's puppies, so more photos soon!

3 July

Not long ago, but I have much to report anyway!

This Tuesday we were visiting Monica and her dogs. Thanks for a lovely day and except the dogs I broght the camera...

We made a trip to a little lake so that the dogs could take a bath. Many pictures were taken, a photo reportage (sorry, only in Swedish) can be seen here. New photos of Vincent's daughter Ebba, can be seen here.

We have had more "social visits" with the dog family! This Thursday we visited Kristina and when of course also Garbo, Mary and Agnes. And we really had a family meeting as Agnes at the same time had mum, dad, grandmum, granddad and uncle Wilmer visiting! We took of course a family picture!

From the left: granddad Findus, grandmum Garbo, mum Mary, Agnes & dad Vincent
From the beginning we had thought that Wilmer will be in the picture as well, but it wasn't room for him... :o

We took of course new photos of Agnes "alone" too, new pictures can be seen here.

27 June

Uppsala Cocker Spaniel Club had Club Championships in Tracking. I am not a member of Uppsala Cocker Club and not working my dogs in tracking either. BUT many in the family does, in the dog family that is. We are proud to find Findus in the pedigree in ALL gold medalists!

In the "predispositon class" Findus son "Viggo" Black Mica's Fart & Fläkt with owner Lars Aronsson
In the open class, Findus great granddaughter Zeltzin's First In Line with owner Frank Edström
In the champion class, Findus grand daughter (Ior's daughter) Swedish Tracking Champion Westerner Love ON Time with owner Stina Yron Lund

Except that came Frost's daughter (Findus grand daughter) Tolinka Focaccia with owner Ankie Gustavsson third in the open class and her litter brother Swedish Tracking Champion Tolinka Semifreddo with owner Agneta Björklund came third in the champion class.

Congratulations to you all, we are proud over you!

And look here! Guess who has started with tracking?

 Frost! Now we keep our fingers crossed for the future!

The other picture is of Frost and Brittan. My heart felt warm getting that picture because I think you really could see how much they like each other! I am so happy that Frost and his new family like each other so much, that makes the longing after him so much easier to take.

Thanks a lot Anita for the pictures, much appreciated! And many thanks to Brittan and her family who takes so good care of our beloved Frost!

And talking about Frost! I have forgotten to mention and congratulate his daughter Panhur's Amazing Power who became Swedish Tracking Champion in May. Congratulations Zakira & Monica!

At last we would like to present Ior's son One Man Show vom Schloss Hellenstein (out of Kolbenkönigin vom Schloss Hellenstein). He is 4,5 months old at the picture, it will be interesting to follow him in the future!

One Man Show vom Schoss Hellenstein

25 June

Sorry, about the Swedish - we are celebrating Findus ninth birthday!

13 June

Oh dear... Another photo reportage to do... :o When well I have get the time to do the all? ;) Today the Swedish Kennel Club hold their dog show in Avesta, and I really didn't want to go. Was not inspired at all, and one big reason was of course all the rain. How fun is it to prepare a dog when you know he is going to be totally wet soon again? But when you have entered you often go anyway, and I don't regret that...

Marita, Ylwa & I came in one car each but had decided to share tent. Ylwa and I are very pleased with that decision as Marita thought it would take her longer time to drive to Avesta than it dit and came there half an hour before us. When Ylwa and I arrived the tent already was there, only to go there and "park" the cages! Can't you do this all the time Marita? No, I guess not... But it was great this time!

Benny Blid von Schedvin judged a little more than 50 cockers in rain, rain and even more rain. But a big praise to the Kennel Club of Dalecarlia who had bought party tents and put up in front of the show tents so that the dogs - and judge and handler! - was able to keep dry under the time the dog was at the table and had the critique written.

Vincent won the youth class with CC-quality - and that was not enough! He ended up as fourth best dog and got his fifth CC! :)) Well, it is quite fun with dog shows anyway! :))

Vincent on his way to his fifth CC

I had only Vincent with me, but Marita had already asked if I could handle her "Fanny" Blue Cheyenne's Look At Me Now. Fanny is grand daughter to Findus, so of course I took that "mission"! I don't think neither Marita or I regret that... ;)

Fanny won the youth class with CC-quality, and not only that. She ended up as best bitch with CC and later on BOS! Congratulations Marita!!!

BOB & BOS in Avesta 2009
BOB NordV-07 Travis Miles of Smiles
BOS Findus grand daughter Blue Cheyennes Look At Me Now

After the show we all three went shopping together, and after that Marita and I had lunch together before going home. Now Vincent and I have a break from shows. I wonder how that will be? Now I really like to go to more shows... ;)

11 June

Yes, I know, I should be with the family a day like this! But I have been - and will again! We are going out for dinner tonight, BUT when the husband is at work and when the son is playing..., Well, I couldn't resist making some pictures ready from todays rainy last day of school. NOW the sun is shining, typical! But it was a lovely day at the school anyway.

Sorry about the Swedish language "in" the picture!

10 June

No photo reports in sight yet... I have had an intensive week when I have been busy from early morning until late evenings. Tomorrow have we a big day in family, or what do you think? Anders birthday (even if has starts to try and forget about it...), Anders & mine 15th wedding anniversary AND Adam's first "last day at school". (Don't know the name! ;) ) We are a bit moody as they have promised rain but we hope they are wrong!

I had of course forgot some of the things I could update with, and I have also got new reports.

Findus son "Ivar" Westerner Name Me Dog has been to a show and was placed as second best male - with CC. The CC means that he now he Finnish Show Champion! :) Congratulations!

Findus son Westerner Name Me Dog, new Finnish Champion

Talking about Findus children, his daughter "Spöka" Westerner Ghost Story is a real globetrotter and now she has visist Estonia where she at the Estonia Spanijel Klub Special Show in Tallin this Saturday won CC and BOS! Congratulations Catharina! Laurent Pichard judged. Spöka now except this CC and got one CC in Hungary and three in Finland.

The day after was an International Show, Estonian Winner 2009. Judge was Inga Siil. Spöka was third best bitch this day. Findus son "Tyson" Coppers Troll The Dice was both days fourth best male.

Findus daughter "Spöka" Westerner Ghost Story with he prizes after the trip to Estonia

What have we more to tell? Well, of course we want to congratulate Frost's son "Diesel" Swed Sh Ch Swed Tracking Ch LP1 Dualdigni's Keep The Stage who really has shown that he not only has a beatiful external. There is something inside too! ;, plus that he has a real good owner of course! Anyway, he has got a first prize in obedience class II (came second of seven) and he had also done something that I can't explain! ;)) You better learn Swedish insetad!

Talking about Frost I got new reports about him, everything is fine and both he and his family seems to get on very well together. Really appreciated reports!

MAYBE this is all for this time?

7 June

How did it happen? It is already June! But I know one reason, I have taken too many photos at the last five shows. Five shows at three weekends, but now have I been free from dog shows for two weekens and begin to catch up a little. Hopefully there will be some photo reports from shows and the trip the Gotland.

When I look at the news from 11 May I can see that I didn't even wrote the results from Gotland - probably I thought I was going to have time to update very soon! Probably many has guessed the results, but I can also write her that at the show on Saturday when Rune Fagerström from Finland were judging Vincent won the youth class with CC-quality and ended up as third best dog and got his fourth CC! Many topwinning dogs were there, among them from Denmark, so it felt extra good! ;) I  also handled Frost's son "Jasen" Dualdigni's Keep Flying of course and he came this day third in the open class with CC-quality.

The day after Vidar Grundetjern från Norway were judging. Vincent won again the youth class with CC-quality and ended up as fifth best dog. BUT! Today Jasen won the open class with CC-quality, won best dog with his last CC making him Swedish Show Champion - and also BOB! In the final he ended up has Best In Show-3!

The weekend after Gotland was the show in Vendel which I have "written" about below. The weekend after that was the Kennel Club Show in Österbybruk and SSRK show in Almare Stäket. I had entered Vincent to both. He didn't have any high placement, but got CC-quality at both shows, so it felt ok anyway. At the Saturday show Karin Brostam Berglund placed him third in the youth class with CC-quality and at the Sunday show Manolo Quijeiro placed him as number five in the youth class with CC-quality. At both shows I also handled Frost's son "Nimbus" Tolinka Semifreddo and that was fun! :)) He won the open class with CC-quality BOTH days! At the Saturday show he ended up as second best dog with CC and CACIB! Congratulations Agneta! At the Sunday show he was third best dog.

Nimbus winning his first CC!

Findus has became a daddy again, to on single son. His wife in Finland, "Maya" Fin Ch Benchmark Pro Twist, was expected to whelp LAST week, but whelped instead one week later. Two puppies were born, but one was dead, but a lovely orange male can be found in the puppy box with Maya. See pictures here!

More updates will hopefully follow soon...

18 maj

A lot to update with but no time... I have just SO much to update with from the weekend at Gotland - which was a really funny weekend in all ways! - but the pictures are maaaaaaaany and when I thought it was time for part 1 I was affected with some kind of mean cold with fever. When I started to feel a bit better at Saturday I couldn't resist prepare Vincent for the Cocker Show held in Vendel. I wasn't too fit, but when Monica kind enough to drive, well, when I couldn't resist it. And that I really not regret! Vincent won the youth class (15-24 months) with honour prize, won best male and later on Best In Show-reserve! To that also Best In Show Youth!


I also handled Frost's daughter "Chili" Tolinka Tiramisu, she did her debute in Open Class with dash! She won that big class and ended up as third best bitch!

Reportage will come, but now am I even more late as maaany pictures was taken here as well! And yes, I remember... I should also remember to update with a lot of charming pictures of Mary & Vincent's puppies! And talking about Vincent's puppies! We hope there is more puppies on their way too! In the beginning of last week the sweet orange bitch "Ronja" Manaca's Head Over Heels visited Vincent.

11 maj

30 April

For a little bit more than two weeks ago I had Wilmer and Vincent FN-tested and today I got the result. Both are "Homozygote Normal"! :)))

29 April

We have got new, great show news from Findus son "Tyson" Copper Troll The Dice.

Last weekend in Riga, Latvia, there was a Special Show for group 8. Jukka Kuusisto, Finland, judged and Tyson got Excellent, won best Junior Dog, BOB-Junior, second best dog and received Junior-CAC.

This weekend it was National Dog show in Paneveziz in Lithuania. The judge J Olszewski from Poland gave Tyson Exceelent, best Junior male, BOB-Junior, best dog, BOB, BIG-3 and junior CAC.

He has now got the following titles: LTJCH ESTJCh LVJCh BaltJCh LTJW09! Congratulations! Findus and I are SO proud! A new picture of Tyson kan be seen here!

26 April

Yesterday it was time for a show again, and with over a month since last time it really felt great to go to a show again. Well, it felt great until I had bathed Vincent and was going to dry him... :( It looked like someone had gone through his feathering with a sharp scissor at the show side and when cut in different stages. It looked terribly, I could have begun to cry for less! I don't know how it have happened, but I am rather sure there has been no scissor working. My first guess was that he got a stick in the coat the same day who he had "cut" away, but after speaking to Catharina at the show and she suggested that it also could have been burdocks I remembered that I had to take away a couple of these in the ears after the morning walk the same day. I hadn't touch the feathering then as I didn't want to brush it when it wasn't clean. Well, I now wish I had done it of course, the coat who may had disappear when would have been much less than now!

My first thought was to leave hi at home, and that it wouldn't only be THIS show, but when I had shortened the featherings a lot more than I wished, it looked a bit better and I decided to go anyway. My first plan was to show him on the other side, who I not like as much (regarding markings) but after that some friends had been looking it was the "normal" side anyway.

It was a really  hard youth class (15-24 months) with eight participants and really good ones, which didn't make me optmistic. 7 of 8 were owned by kennels. That of course don't need to mean quality, but any times it does anyway as when they had bred them theirselves they have been able to keep the most promising puppy, and if they have bought it of course have been looking for a promising show dog.

I had no expectations at all, and it was because of that a really happy surprise when Vincent won that class with CC-quality! :) He was not placed among the five in the best dog class, but we made the first sorting out, and with that start I am SO pleased anyway. Now I hope that the coat will grow really fast... But I guess it never do that when you wish for it??

We want to congratulate Frost's son "Diesel" Swed Sh Ch Dualdigni's Keep The Stage to a great debute in champion class. He won that and ended up as second best dog!

Even Findus' daughter "Spöka" Westerner Ghost Story received CC-quality. She ended as third in a big open class (15). Also at the show in Stockholm she was third with CC-quality in a big class.

The evening before the show in Västerås I followed Monica to Inger, kennel Westerner - or if was Monica who followed me as her car was broken and I had to act as chauffeur. Monica was there to pick up sweet "Petra" Westerner Cross The Line, now called "Ebba". Good luck with her, Monica! I am so pleased that she nows lives in the same city as her dad!

"Ebba" Westerner Cross The Line trying my camera bag, but I guess I need a bigger one if she will have space to be in it in the future!

Vincent has become a dad again since last time. He and "Trixie" Ch Dualdigni's Garden Angel got a litter of puppies with blue and orange at kennel Geltman's just recently. Will come back soon with details and hopefully a picture!

8 April

Yesterday was a really busy day with work, packing for Adam who was going to Mollösund with my parents, some Easter shopping in town and after that I had Frost's daughter "Joice" Tolinka Focaccia here for trimming her to the show this weekend. Had plans to take new photos of her, but it was dark when we were finished so we will take that later this spring instead. After that I had no strength to start updating by make a new try today!

After my new visit at kennel Westerner Sunday evening comes here som new pictures of the puppies, pictures of Flora's puppies can be seen here and Mary's here.

In the weekend there was also a show in Bohus (Spaniel & Retriever Club) as already mentioned. Vi are proud over Findus' son "Enzo" Westerner Named Shadow who is owned by the Danish Kennel Iskama. He won the open class with CC-quality and ended up as second best dog with CC! Congratulations! Judge was Anne Webster. Also Frost's daughter "Tia" Ch Dualdigni's Kidney Bean did well being fourth best bitch at the Saturday show and second best bitch Sunday show.


Findus son "Enzo" Westerner Named Shadow seems very proud over his CC from Bohus! A new photo of him can be seen here!

6 April

Had planned a bigger update today as I was visting Inger yesterday and of course took some new pictures of my "grand children"! It really happens a lot in only 5 days! To that I also have some really nice results from the show in Bohus to report about. For the family, not for us, we were not at the show. But today I have not enough time, hope to be able to come back tomorrow!

Today it will be enough to mention that Wilmer has been away for an eye exam today and he, like his brother Vincent, luckily was without remark.

1 April

No, no April jokes - no one has to search for them in the text... ;)

In the weekend I was, as mentioned, at the cocker conference in Södertälje, both a conference with the cocker standard, Cocker of Cockers, plus the day after annual meeting. It was a very interesting and also really enjoyable weekend, thank you all!

Yesterday I made a little trip to kennel Westerner to see my grandchildren AND great grand children! :) For what else can you call them when they are Vincent's with Findus daughter's! ;) Very much family anyway!

A little surprise we have got also! After about a week one of Mary and Vincent's daughters to get a another colour. Little "Maja" has decided to be blue roan/tan!

Now when she - and her sisters and brothers are 16 days, she looks like this, more colour comes for every day

Of course I took photos at her sisters and brothers too, but has not yet got 48 hours a day... but will uppdate with pictures of them soooooooon too. Maybe already later tonight if I will have enough time? However pictures of there little older 3/4 sisters can bee soon now. Look at the new pictures of Flora & Vincent's puppies here!

26 March

Now I have a lot to update with again. For example we have had visitors from Finland Anna Mäkinen, kennel Alpinum, has been here with her bitch "Maya" Fin Ch Benchmark Pro Twist. Maya had a date with our old genteman Findus, now we hope for puppies in the end of May.

Findus (to the right) together with his fiancee Maya

In the weekend it was time for SSRK's show in Högbo and we were not there! Well, yes we were... We had entered under Marjo Jaakola, kennel Benton, but it was change of judge for the classes 9-15 months & 15-24 months, and we thought about not going. But we went. Maybe you should follow your first thoughts?

Vincent i the showring in Högbo
(thanks for help with taking photos, Marita!)

Vincent who before this show always been placed as number one or second in the junior class, and always with CC-quality or honour prize. Today he was third out of the three in his debute in the youth class (15-24 months) without any honour prize or CC-quality. The reason should have been his movements, something others, both judges and people outside the ring, has praised him for... But sometimes it goes up - and sometimes down.... Well, we we will come back, we have not given up! ;)

We had a great time outside the ring anyway! :) It was also great fun to be there and see Frost's son "Diesel" LP1 SVCh Dualdigni's Keep The Stage ending up as second best dog after winning the open class. That also ment that he wonthe CC - and his championtitle! :) - as it was his third! Congratulations! He had to wait for his first a rather long time - but was not shown that often either - but when he started to win them, he got three CC's at four shows! His mum "Trixie" Swed Sh Ch Dualdigni's Garden Angel is in whelp with Vincent (like also Vignett's A Dream Come True), we are waiting with excitement to see what they can produce together!

Also Findus daughter "Wera" Swed Sh Ch Norw Sh Ch Westerner Fly By Wire - great to see here again! - was placed as number five of the bitches in the best bitch class. Wera will soon be seven years - you can just state that time goes. Her daddy will be nine this year!

A big memory of the day otherwise was - the dirt! Oh, it is lovely that we now leave the season there the shows are held in riding houses.... Now we look forward to the outdoor season. And it will of course never rain at shows this summer...??

Monica & I looked this lovely after a day at the show...

The weekend before it was a double show in Lithuania and the family had a great time! :) At the show Saturday 14 Mars it was an International Show, "Lithuanian Winner 2009". The judge was Laurent Picard och Findus young son "Tyson" Copper Troll The Dice won Junior CAC, BOB Junior and BOB! He also got the titles LTJW09 and LTW09! Findus grand son, Ior's son, Westerner Dance In Time was also there. He was third est dog with Res-CACIB and CAC!

The judge Laurent Picard with his BOB-winner, Findus son Copper Troll The Dice. BOS was Fin Ch Cockergold Cool Blue Night who became International Champion at this show. Photo: Markku Korpi

The day after "Vilnius Cup 2009" and the judge was Barbara Müller. "Tyson" Copper Troll The Dice won another junior CAC! BOB was mentioned "Sören" Westerner Dance In Time, with CAC & CACIB.

The judge Barbara Müller with her BOB-winner Westerner Dance In Time. BOS was X-treme Ricci Club. Photo: Markku Korpi

New photo of Tyson can be seen here! He has also had his hips X-rayed with the result A!

Now we look forward to a weekend in the sign of cockers at the Cocker conference etc in Södertälje. Vincent is qualified to Cocker of Cockers, thought about entering him from the beginning, but thought he would have a very boring weekend in a car/hotel room - and when I would have bad conscience - his legs wants to run a lot! ;) - so he will be at home with the others. I do hope that others has thought differently than me, so that we have somethings to look at... :) See you there!

20 March

16 March

Time flies, but not so much has happened in the "doggy-world" for us. We get some new photos at Flora & Vincent´s puppies last week, 3 weeks old. So cute! I think I have to go to Fellingsbro and have a look at them soon! Some pictures can be seen here.

There are more reasons for going to Fellingsbro ... :) Tonight Vincent & Mary´s (Westerner Intermezzo For Event) puppies were born. Mother & children are well, we will update with more information in a couple of days!

5 March

At last! After waiting for weeks Heidi´s result of the hips could be seen at the Kennel Club website, and it was a wonderful reading as for her brothers! A! Congratulations Lotta & now we keep our fingers crossed for that the coat is coming back soon so that Heidi will be seen in the showring soon again too!

2 March

Not so much news, but we have got a new photo of Flora & Vincent
puppies, they are now 1,5 weeks old and has begun to open their eyes! They are so cute and I really long to see them again! Can also tell that "Mary" Westerner Intermezzo For Event is in whelp, puppies expected in the middle of March.

We still wait for Heidis hip result, have heard that many are doing the same at the moment, I hope we get the result soon!

24 February

Today Kirstin has gone home to Germany again and I have to do a lot of boring work instead... But we have had really enjoyable days together. It is only the time who as always has gone a bit too fast...


Kirstin together with Heidi, when we visited Lotta


We have also been visiting Monica at Manaca's- thanks! - and this Saturday we went to Inger - Westerner - and I was, for the first time able to see Vincent's firstborn daughters!


Flora och Vincents daughters - 3 days old.

I also want to congratulate Andy's daughter "Polly" Perchwater Blue Queen of Magic who was in Norway this weekend and there got CC, CACIB & BOB! This made her to a Nordic and Norwegian Show Champion! Her complete titel now is Nordic Show Champion, Norwegian Show Champion, Danish Show Champion, Swedish Show Champion & Swedish Tracking Champion Perchwater Blue Queen of Water. Congratulations to Frida & Polly!

20 February

This Tuesday Lotta & I went away to get Wilmer & Heidi's hips X-rayed. It is always very nervous, but we got Wilmer's result back so early that I nearly never had started being THAT nervous yet. It was able to be seen at the Kennel Club's website this morning. The result? A! We are of course very happy at the moment! (Heidi's results we don't know yet, Lotta got an invoice from the vet as he didn't take cards and she didn't brought any cash, so I guess that we will have to wait a bit more - we go on keeping our fingers crossed!)

Of course we also must tell you that Vincent's first litter is born! Flora (Westerner Nothing But Flowers) got a litter with only girls in the colours blue roan & orange roan! More details and pictures will come soon.

Today we are going to get a visit from Germany, something we look forward to very much! My friend Kirstin, kennel Mixed Pickles, will come and stay with us for a couple of days. Maybe Wilmer & Vincent at last will be able to hear some German again?? :)

17 February

Just arrived home after some lovely days in Tandådalen in the Swedish Mountains with sun from clear blue sky every day (Thursday - Sunday). Anders & Adam went skiing and the dogs and I took long walks.

Some doggy things has happened too! Vincent do believe that he will get a lovely girl visiting every Sunday... :) Last Sunday the sweet lightblue bitch "Sofi" Vignett's A Dream Come True was here. We hope that it was a successful date and hope that there will be some lovely puppies born around Easter!

This Sunday, just after arriving home from Tandådalen, next girl came. It was "Trixie" Swed Sh Ch Dualdigni's Garden Angel who came, yes, she was so nice that she came today again! :) Trixie produced a lovely litter with Frost, her only litter so far, there five of eight has CC's. One of them are a champion and three of them needs one more CC for getting the champion title. Of these four three has won BOB, one have been winning the group and one has been BOS.

Otherwise I don't know if so much has happened, except that I see that I don't have given any report from the SSRK show in Strömsholm. Helene Björkman judged cocker and it was the last time for Vincent in junior class. He ended up as second with CC-quality, and that means that he have been first or second every time in junior class, being shown in that class 10 times! Six of these times he has won the class and except that he has 3 CC's and one BOB.

Vincent with some of his competitors in Strömsholm, they were al together six in the class

Except Vincent I handled Frost's son "Nimbus" Swedish Tracking Ch Tolinka Semifreddo. He did very well, winning his class, 15-24 months, with CC-quality and ending up as fourth best dog! Only one dog from getting the CC.... Again beaten of a halv brother. "Diesel" Swedish Tracking Ch Dualdigni's Keep The Stage (one of Trixie's sons) won the open class (2-8 years), ended up as second best dog and got his second CC. Congratulations! Nimbus littersister Tolinka Focaccia ended up as fourth in the big class 15-24 monoths (12) and she also got CC-quality.

Nimbus at the table, waiting to be judged. But you can wonder..., are Helene Björkman praying a prayer before judging? :)

Some new results from Findus son in Estonia. "Tyson" Copper Troll The Dice has been to two shows this weekend with great results!

This Saturday it was an National Dog show in Tartu. Ann-Christin Johansson judged the breed and "Tyson" got the CC and ended up as BOS from junior class. The day after, Special Dog Show for groups 8 & 9 in Vaimastvere and he won another CC and BOS! The judge this day was Nina Maslenikova from Russia.

Findus son "Tyson" Copper Troll The Dice got 2 CC & 2 BOS this weekend, 13 months old

18 January

Frost has, 4 years old, moved out from home. Oh, this must have been the most difficult "dog decision" I have made in my whole life. You who know me well knows that Frost has - and still have - a very special place in my heart! He has been there from the first moment and stayed, and I am sure that has been mutual. I really believed that Frost was going to stay with us his whole life, but sometimes life don't turn out as expected.

Frost has always liked other dogs, but I could really feel that he was a more happy and harmonious dog when he was the only dog. As I wanted to have 2-3 dogs at home - and already had! - the thoughts about letting Frost moved out started to grow. I was searching for someone who was able to take care about him for us, but I wanted a friend or a friends friend. I would really want to thank Anita at kennel Stora Barnviks very much for her engagement. She succeeded in finding TWO good homes for him, so after that I got new problems, but in a good way....

Frost has now moved to Stockholm, but in weekends and holidays he lives in the archepelago. I have cried large quantities of tears since he moved out, but never of regret, only because I miss him so much! It is so good to know that his new mistress seems to have taking him in to her heart as the same way as I did, and Frost seem to have get someone new to adore. If I hadn't believe that he was going to get a home as good as the one he had, or better, I had never let him move from us.

16 January

One more week has almost gone. One week when Vincent has had a new date, we hope that he and Findus daughter "Mary" Westerner Intermezzo For Event, will have puppies in the middle of March.

The  new couple, "Mary" Westerner Intermezzo for Event & "Vincent" High Style vom Schloss Hellenstein

I have also had a nice visit from my friend Agneta and her briard male "Razzel". It was too long time since we saw each other (we have known each other for such a long time that I hardly will believe that I am that old!), but I hope we will start seeing each other more often again. A lot of dog talk of course...

The lists for Cocker of the Year has been publisched. I must admit that I didn't even thought about sending Vincent's result in for Junior Cocker of the Year, even if he has had a very good carrier in junior class! But we can congratulate some in our family anyway:

Ior's daughter "Celine" Swedish Tracking Ch Westerner Love On Time was even this year at the top for Tracking Cocker of the Year, a place she had together with three more. Congratulations! But Findus and Frost had children doing really well too. Findus son "Pettson" Tans & Tins King of Orchids and Frost's son "Nimbus" Swedish Tracking Champion Tolinka Semifreddo came at the same placing, 6th. It was altogether SEVEN out of the first 20 who was sons or daughters by one of my dogs! :) Congratulations to you all!

10 January

New year again! Feels like time is running faster and faster... Ten days has gone of the new year and Vincent and I have already been to two shows! For the first time - both for me and him - were we at "My Dog" in Gothenburg. You can see photos from these days under Gallery and Shows (Utställningar), but so far - sorry! - only at the Swedish site.

Vincent and me at My Dog 2009

In the end of 2008 was Findus son Copper Troll The Dice at a show in Lithuania. He was third best dog, got the CC and was also BOB-Junior!

We would like to wish you all a lovely 2009!